Direct purchase

You found stamps or covers in the attic, or you may have received stamps by inheritance, or you would simply like to know about the actual market-price of your collection: please arrange a date in our premises and we will give our opinion on your valuables.

In case of interest, we make you an offer.

There are parking places in front of our entrance. We are easy to reach by tramway – No 3 from railway main station to Hottingerplatz, or No 8 via Bellevue and railway station Stadelhofen to Englischviertelstrasse.


We like to buy:

  • Rare stamps and covers
  • Beautiful and well-groomed stamp-collections until 1955 of almost all countries
  • Used covers also worldwide until ca. 1955, especially during war-times
  • Picture postal cards before 1960
  • First day covers of different countries until ca. 1955
  • Mint stamps of Switzerland from the early days until today
  • Dealer stocks of every size
  • Company and family archives


We do not like:

  • First day and other covers 1960 and up
  • Used stamps issued 1960 and up
  • Mint stamps between 1960 and 2000 of most European countries of former currency
  • Manufactured collections as Olympics and other sport events, UNO « Year of the child », WWF, etc., often produced by companies as Sieger, Philswiss, Krüger or Borek
  • In most cases bundles and glassines with heavy duplication is of very low value


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You have inherited a collection or want to sell it? We would be happy to advise you.

Stamps are your passion? Then you are right with us.

In a few days we will publish the catalog of our spring sale in the Internet, also viewing plan and plan of the auction willbe visible on this homepage.


We will be available for estimations, immedate purchase and acceptance of material for our next sale from fall of this year from April 19, 2021 on