Friday, December 11, 2020


01:45 pm    #        1 – 205   Liechtenstein, Switzerland: airmail, first day and special issues, postal stationary,

                                        along catalogue starting 1907: definitives to Campione

04:30 pm    #    206 – 358  Switzerland: collections and accumulations starting 1907 and earlier, including valid

                                        issues (discount postage)



Saturday, December 12, 2020

08:45 am  #      359 - 506  Switzerland: special topics, cantons Geneva to Zurich, picture postcards, incl.

                                        collections and lots; literature


10:45 am  #      507 - 632   Switzerland: classical issues 1843 to 1907, including collections and accumulations,

                                        supplement Switzerland


01:30 pm  #      633 - 801   Germany, Western Europe, incl. collections and accumulations

                                        Europe: collections and accumulations


03:45 pm  #      802 - 941   Eastern Europe and Balkans

                                        Overseas: Asia, Africa, America, topics, collections of the whole world



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